event reports


We started the night in the poolroom ,this room has a very heavy feeling about it and most people felt sad or depressed as the room put its presence into force,
we stood around the pool table and john asked out for any spirits to let themselves be known to us,after about ten minutes we heard the sound of some one walking up the stairs which are situated just out side the door and across the floor of the room above, some of us  could smell leather and others thought that they where being touched on the head or back,
we got no more noises other than the foot steps,we also tried some table tipping in the room to no avail.
Fiona did say that she felt some one hit here in the back but did not tell us until we came out of the room.

We then went upstairs above the snooker room where we had clearly heard some one walk across the floor,
we sat around one of the tables and again asked out for spirit to contact us, after a little while the big heavy table we where sat around started to shake and move in what felt like all directions,
we then spilt into two groups and checked the camera:s to see if we where getting any orbs ,we have put what we saw on disc and this can be viewed soon , quite a few orbs where captured and it was interesting to watch what was happening around the people who where doing table tipping,
the table that we normally use had started to move and tip all over the room and we established  that the spirit that was moving the table was called Jack,plenty of interaction was achieved through jack and one or two of our guests really got into communicating with him ,
The table tipped over a few times and although the people touching it at the time said that they tried to push it back level, they said it was like a weird force pushing the table back at them,
one of girls with us works at the pub and even she was shocked at the way the table had reacted with her and others, another who became as one with table so to speak {sue} said that it really freaked her out at how the table really felt that it was pushing back at her and after having us all watch her doing it.

more to follow



We started the night with a group seance and one or two people felt that they where being touched by spirit ( IE, tapped on the shoulder and a feeling of being pushed forward from there seats) we then investigated parts of the pub where we felt that spirit was trying to make contact,

( the cellar, )

 This was a place of some real sound bites ( which will be loaded on to the site shortly).we heard loud knocking .and one or two people felt a real presence here and had to leave the seance but were fine after a short period of time , i spoke to one woman who said that she had felt very hot and faint and just wanted to drink water .
she did not know why, because she told me. that she very rarely drank , just water ; just tea or coffee. more people went at different times to the cellar and nearly all felt that there was something there but not sure what. some felt a breath on them and others just felt uncomfortable. we have looked at the night shot camera and picked up the noise of a table being dragged across what sounds like a stone floor..  we can assure you that you could not get a table down the cellar ? nor is there any space above the cellar to put a table.

( the dinning area right side)

 we moved to this area because Donna and sue had felt something strange in the corner right side. and both of them said that it had made them feel sick. we decided to move all of us to this area where myself and mark asked out to see if we could make any contact with what many people thought was a man. dressed in a black or dark coloured cloak with a hood .a bit like a monk was one comment, we then saw what looked like a shadow going across the back wall which thought maybe the lights of a passing car. then a few minutes later the same thing happened and this time there was no passing traffic. not that there was the first time, there where a few screams as one or two people sat where the shadow had been seen. felt that they had been touched or nipped by someone. others felt angry and one young man went outside to cool down because he felt angry but did not   know why. and found it very strange ,this young man did not believe in any of this , (  his words ) but told us that he would not be saying that again,
there is more about this young man later and the help that he gave to a little girl trapped in her own torment.

(The main area of the pub)

Donna sat in this area and a group of people sat with  her round a table and started to do a seance using her Ouija board (this was done under strict supervision) some people prefer to use a glass but each to there own and with Donna's and mark and my own experience there where no problems, contact was made with a few spirits some belonging to the pub but others just popping in to say hello . she got a spirit through that needed help and established that it belonged to a person sat round the table. (for confidentiality purposes we will not name them ) quiet a lot of  information came through and lots of questions asked and given correctly there was a lot of activity around the table and we split the group into three.Mark took some more people down to the cellar area and myself and sue went with our group back to the place where the young man had a strange experience as i said above.

(dining area part 2)

Once again we sat down and we felt that the spirit that was there before was still present.we started another seance and this time i asked the young man not panic but to relax and let the spirit come forward so we could deal with it he kept telling me that he could see this man rapeing a young girl and that she was trying to get away from him..we then concentrated on getting the girl to move towards us so that we could help her move on...there was an ice cold breeze that passed all around us while we concentrated on getting her away from him.. and then we felt the warmth of her...i picked up on the name Philipa i asked if any one new this name and no one did, but just as i asked i got the name of a man named Philip and one the ladies said that she knew this name. as soon as this lady said that.. i was able to tell her a lot about him and herself in the process.. she did get a little upset and i asked her if she wanted me to stop but she said . no carry on  .we all felt the temperature rise and with this i asked my guides to take Philipa and Philip back to the spirit world....there was a kind of peace that came over us all and the young man told us that he no longer felt angry. just nice and calm but still a little confused about what he had just helped us do.

After the seance around the ouija board mark moved on a spirit that was earth bound for the people to whom it was attached to.we then had a short break and then we ventured out side round the back of the pub to the (old well )at this point we all burst into laughter because mark and sue had gone round before the main group and as they where walking back one or two people thought that they where seeing ghosts coming round the corner lol.
To sum up the whole night would take an age so we have just scratched the surface. we will be putting picture's and sound bites on from the night shot camera's later.




After a delayed start we gathered every one together and started the night with a seance in the far corner of the pub.
mark felt the spirit of a man who had part of his arm missing and john felt  the spirit of a young boy who told him that he was a chimney sweep , quite a few people felt that they had there faces touched and and one young man felt that he was being pushed  from the back of his head in a downwards direction, there was a cool breeze around peoples legs and a couple sat in the corner  could here piano music ,a lady sat next to me could also here this.
there was some orb activity caught on camera (which will be added later) around the corner where the music was being heard. we carried on for a while and Mark again picked upon the man with some of his arm missing but did not get a name,he told mark that he was from the area and was around the time of 18th centuary and was a farmer, Qiute a few people were now begining to feel strange feelings around them, touching and in some cases pushing them, John describeb a woman to a couple sat in the corner and and they confirmed that it was a perfect description of the ladies mother, to a tee in there words, we then took a break and had had some food and refreshments. while we had a break, we left the camera's running and having looked at the footage we have some good film of moving orbs around the area where we held the seance.



we decided to have a seance around bramwells chair and asked if anyone would like to sit on it while we did so,there where plenty of volunters for this so we let everyone who wanted to take part have a sit in it, the first lady to sit in it said that she felt a heavy feeling around her and also that some one was touching her on her back and around the shoulder area,
she also said that she felt very low and sad, the next person to sit on the chair also felt the same feeling but had a cold breeze around her legs and many people felt this also, there was some orb activity around people's legs but none above head height,
we then took a short break and split the group so that some could go down to the cellar and see if we could pick any thing up down there, those wishing to stay up stairs sat around bramwell's chair again , only this time we experimented with automatic writing.
Th first one to sit on the chair was a young man named Michael ,we started the seance and after a short while he started to move the planchet over the paper pad picking up the feeling of the spirit that he felt around him.
the more he relaxed the more the planchet moved and at one point was going quite fast over the paper, he then said that was  starting to feel very strange  so we broke the circle and gave hime time to recover,we looked at what he had done with the pad and a few people from the bronte society were conviced that what he had written had come from bramwell himself.the photo's below explain this,
one or two people confirmed that this is how bramwell felt and looking closely at the top corner of the writings it looks like a small dog which bramwell did own
automactic writings by Michael

Michael was qiute shaken by this, but after a short break he then wanted to go down to the cellar as we had all heard the screams coming from there while we were sat up stairs doing the seance.


Mark had taken the first group of people down to the cellar and after a short time he picked up on a man named George  who told him that he was a regular at the pub, and was quite mischievous and liked to make noises and throw things, and touch people,
Mark asked everyone with him to hold hands and form a circle  then asked for george to make himself known to all that were there with noises touching or moving things, needless to say he did not disappoint and from the video you can see the reaction from everyone there.
there did seem to be a lot of activity coming from the left side of the room and every one who stood there picked up different feelings but all said that they felt that they had been touched or that they had seen an image .

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