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2011-01-10 22:45:45
Really professional people. Can't wait for the next investigation! 

2010-11-05 13:07:14
We went to a paranormal investigation recently with John and Suzie. I've been to some before but I took some people with me that have never done it before. They had such a good night that they've signed up to go on the next event already! John and Suzie make the night interesting and fun! Can't wait for the next one!! Thanks you two xx

2010-09-19 16:25:01
good site 

2010-09-02 19:40:04
hi great site guys , this is kim from moorlands , just checking out ghost hunts as me and some mates are interested in going , are all the dates up on your board correct ..?
cheers kim 

2010-08-10 19:54:02
whens your next ghost hunt ?

2010-07-28 12:41:11
hi nice site , whens your next ghost night coming up ? as have a few people wanting to go on one , any dates in september would be good ..

thanks fred 

2010-07-01 23:32:58
i like the site , be nice to see you do a few ghost hunts in wales .

take care 


Testimonials for John Reeve sky tv

I have had two readings with John and he is so accurate. My 1st reading all his predictions came ture so I knew I HAD to have another reading with him. He is very kind, compassionate, caring and very honest. He has picked up on things from the past,present and told me things that will happen and they have. John you have blow me away and your advice and guidence have been a real help in my situation. You have helped me to follow my path with real confidence as I eave the dark days of my life behind me. I know my future is bright with good things to come but sometimes it helps to have a reading to keep the mind cool and not worrying about things. Thank you for the cosmic ording as I know I'm in safe hands with you.Please have a reading with John is guides will link in with you and lead you to where you need to be. Beacuse you are so great I guess you will be hrd to ge hold of but will hve another reading with you. Happy 2012 xxxxx 
Deborah (49), London
A great and insightful reading with John. He has left me feeling alot more confident abut the future. I cannot wait to see if his predictions come true.

Thank you John. 
Richard (37), lancashire
What a real pleasure to talk to you John on every occasion that I'm lucky enough to find you available as it is so difficult to get hold of you! And I have to say, I do know why it is so difficult to catch you as you are incredibly gifted and very accurate not only with the information you give but also with timings that are so hard to get right but with you it seems it is working very well. I must say you are good but so are your lovely guides that are extremely helpful and so exact about everything. You have given me the past, the present to a T and I'm convinced the future predictions you have given are all due to come in! Your predictions are in line with some of the most respected psychics in this country and also with a particular special one.Thank you and thank you again! You are the real deal,no doubt about that and I will always come back to you for your valuable guidance and for your very detailed readings! You are trully AMAZING! Love and light, G 
Georgi (42), London
Had my first reading with John a couple of days ago. Your validations were spot on and your kind caring manner put me at ease straight away. Thank you for the healing and cosmic ordering. I really hope my issues come to an end soon and I can finally move on. Will definitely speak to you again and would recommend anyone to give you a call. 
Energiser power pack!
John Reeve- Thank you so much for your energising power pack of a reading. We were not even on the phone very long but your reading gave me so much healing and energy. Your suggestions for spiritual development were so valuable and am looking forward to growing in the following months. So much more to follow and look forward to many readings soon.
lnl, Susan 
Susan (55), Ireland
Thank you
Just to say thank you to John for being so kind and understanding. I was feeling low and although he told me what I didn't want to hear it was what i needed to hear. A lovely genuine guy who gave me validations and really tuned into who i am and what I have been through. Thank you for giving me hope again and reminding me that there is light at the end of the tunnel but that only I hold the key to turning my life around and before I can i need to let go of the past. love & light :) 
Sarah (38), Hampshire
honest, insightful reading
I was happy with the validations John gave me regarding my love life and he read the person in question and got him down to a t. Good, accurate, honest and down to earth. Will call again as insights are great and helpful and a genuinely caring psychic who wants to help. Many thanks and take care.xx
pree, virgo (28), northants
Thank you John

What a Brilliant up-beat reading you just had so much information John , one of the best and fun readings ive had.

Straight to the point and direct . I would not hesitate having another reading from John and would highly recommend anyone thats looking for somebody to do an informative reading..

Thank you again John lovely Chap and a joy talking to.

Many Thanks Dawn 
Dawn (40), Derbyshire
Testimonials for Sue Reeve  A.K.A GENTLERAIN sky tv
Thank you!

Thank you Gentle Rain for my wonderful reading last night 28/11/11. It was simply amazing! Just loved your animal cards. I'm feeling much more reaassured today! 

Definately worth giving this lovely lady a call. Thank you again Gentle Rain x 
I had 3 readings so far with gentle rain and i must say her name really sute her she is so much like gentle rain ,now seriously she is so positif on her reading and will tell you what you need to know . honestly i would recommend her to anyone . benedicte from london xxxx 
benedicte (37), london
Gentle Rain.... I have known G.R. for many many years and have encouraged her to follow her path. She is a honest loving and good reader. What you get is to the best of her abilities and she give 100% plus. If you are looking for these qualities in a reader. ... Truth ,honesty, caring, and commitment then give Gentle Rain a call .

Paul (Hawk) (57), New Zealand
Gentle Rain was just that, gentle like rain but very honest. She read the cards for me & saw so many things in them about myself & my boyfriend. She offered very kind guidance about a spiritual issue. She's a very caring & positive person. I highly recommend a reading with her. You will definately be enlightened. Thanks so much Gentle Raine! 
Tay (41), Norfolk
gentle rain is very talented and would only tell u the truth and not just what u want to hear .she has give me a deep reading about how that personne feel about me and i know it make sense .thank u gentle rain xx 
benedicte (37), london
Gentle Rain picked up my situation using the cards and described the personality of the guy I was asking about. It made sense what she was saying and I hope it all pans out as she predicted and in the time frame. 
give gentlerain a try
i have trained gentlerain and i know how hard she works with her readings, she has worked with me on many many psychic fayres and is always busy, her animal card readings are very accurate and people look for her to get readings from her every time we do a fayre or a show, we recently did a charity show and the feedback was excellent to say the least, she is a rising star in the psychic world so give her a call you will not be disappointed.
john reeve (59), west yorkshire
mrs Susan Steele
I am also a psychic, and am very fussy as to who I have readings from I can totaly say gentle rain was absolutely amazing, totaly down to earth and very honest, with a warm heart, I totaly trust her, thankyou, xx 
Susan Steele (43), manchester